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How Dogs Are Participating in the 2010 Olympics

Photo Resource: Winnepeg Sun

For the Vancouver Olympics, some special workers will be standing by the sidelines. While fans are seeing Shaun White flipping on the halfpipe or the hockey teams competing in the medal finals, these dogs are ready to go. Here's what they will be doing:

Avalanche Dogs

With the terrain in Vancouver, avalanches are a common occurrence. So much so, that dogs have been trained to rescue people when they happen. All rescue dogs are certified by CARDA which stands for the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association. In order to be certified, one of the requirements is dogs must be able to find items buried 70cm (28 inches).
Ben and Murphy, Photo from VOA
Dogs have such a strong sense of smell, they can cover an 100km kilometer (62 miles) area in thirty minutes compared to humans which would take four hours. As part of their job, these ski patrol dogs are taught to ride on a chair lift, ride on a helicopter and other types of vehicles.

Security Dogs

Security dogs will be on hand to ensure the safety of the athletes and the spectators who will be cheering them on. The Royal Canadian Mountain Police will be providing the dogs to detect potential explosives if need be and keep everyone safe. Most dogs doing this are either German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers.

A local businessman will make sure that the dogs stay protected as well. Jim Slater who makes K9 Storm Vests is providing custom-made vests for the dogs. These dogs are made of Kevlar which helps repel bullets, knives and explosives. He came up with the idea 12 years ago when the jail riots were happening in Headingley, Manitoba.

Let's Discuss

Are any of you going to see the Vancouver Olympics in person this year? What's your favorite events? Mine has been the ice skating as well as the skiing and snowboarding.

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