Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dogs In The News: Coming Home

Ed and Molson
Ed Panosh and Molson, his dog in Chicago

While many of us are comfortably in America, there are many soldiers from other countries fighting for our freedom in the Middle East. One of the soldiers, Ed Panosh, 37, who is part of the Illinois National Guard, was lucky enough to have his dog called Molson, come home to him. It was no easy task. With the help of a charity that helps reunite soldiers with their dogs, they were able to fly Molson 7,000 miles from Afghanistan. She left on May 28 but didn't get to Chicago till July 15. She flew from a Canadian camp southwest of Kandahar, flown to Kabul, then to Islamabad, Pakistan, then to New York, and then to Chicago.

Panosh first met this dog as a puppy when some Canadian troops found her at abandoned checkpoint. They named her Molson after the beer that is a favorite in Canada. She was a great support and lifted the troops spirit. Now that she's living in Chicago, she is adjusting to small things like grass, people and the foot of her owner's bed as her favorite sleeping spot. Panosh, who is now a Chicago police detective is considering making her a therapy dog, so she can continue helping out people.

If you would like to read more about Molson, check out the following sites:

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