Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dog Accessory of the Week: Sherpa Pet Carriers

Sherpa Pet Carrier

Some of you may have read about the airlines for pets called Pet Airways. However, for those of you who own a dog that's 22 pounds or less, another option for traveling with your pet, is the Sherpa Pet Carrier.

These carriers were originally created by the owner Gayle Martz, when she couldn't find a carrier she liked to transport her Lhasa Apso. After creating the carrier she liked, she then petitioned the airlines to accept her bag as a way to transport small pets without having to put them in the cargo hold. Now, it's a routine thing with a huge percentage of the airlines allowing dogs and cats in cabin, as long as they are properly contained. If you are wondering if your favorite airline allows this form of transport, you can check the airline list at Sherpa.

The prices for these carriers start out around $60 USD. In some places you may find some styles that are less. It's important to get a styled bag that you know will be short enough to slide under the seat. It is for these reasons that the weight limit of the largest bag goes up to 22 pounds. Any dogs that are larger may not fit under the seat because their height and/or width may exceed the carrier's specifications.

Have any of you used one of these for your pets? If so, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to drop a comment or e-mail me. Thanks for stopping in. Hope you guys are all enjoying the weekend.

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