Saturday, July 18, 2009

The World's Smallest Dog

Earlier this week, there was an article about Scooter. Scooter is a six-month old Maltese that has grown to be three inches high. He is the cutest little dog, and is about the size of a coffee cup. the owner has to put a special outfit on him to make sure she doesn't step on him. It's also impossible to find a leash for a dog that tiny so Scooter rarely goes on walks.

Tom ThumbThen, a couple of months ago, I was reading about Tom Thumb. He's a Chihuahua mix from Scotland who is barely four inches long. He turned out to be the runt of the litter. He's only about five months old so it's too soon to tell who's going to set the record.

While it's interesting to hear these stories, it makes wonder why there are so many people who want dogs small and will breed to get them extra-small. I know that there are times where dogs will naturally be that way and that's all well and good. Still, if you are going to mess with making them smaller, it's good to take into account how it will affect the dog.

Boo BooThe current record holder is a dog named Boo-Boo, a chihuahua from the U.S. Well, thanks for stopping in. Leave a comment, (you know I love them) and I'll catch you guys later.

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