Thursday, June 4, 2009

A morning with the dogs

In the neighborhood we live in, there are plenty of rabbits and baby rabbits running around. This morning started out with me going into the yard and getting Gigi from the back bushes to take her on a walk with Cookie. I think that Gigi chewed on some dead leaves while she was back there but hopefully, it will pass through her system.

We went on the usual walk and I always let the dogs off the leash right as we get to our house. 9 times out of 10, Cookie will go to the back gate to wait to get back into the house. Today as she was rushing back to the house, she saw a rabbit out of the corner of her eye and was determined to get it. She chased it through one neighbor's yard, then another and by the time she was in the third, I had to be chasing her. Yet Gigi was running in circles in front of the house. At first I was going to bring her with me to get Cookie but the way she was running around, I knew I would feel better knowing she was in the house where I wouldn't worry about her chasing a squirrel too. After I told my mom that Cookie was out chasing a rabbit and I was going to get her, I started clapping my hands and calling her name with authority. I had made it to the last yard and asked "Where's my Cookie girl?" Looking inside the yard, I saw nothing. (Many of the neighbors in our neighborhood don't have fences.) Then when I turned around there she was standing behind me. Usually, I get mad when she runs off like that, but I was looking at her standing there with her tongue hanging down lopsided and she's looking in my eyes and I just couldn't. I then told her "Let's see Mommy." She runs to the gate and then just sat waiting for me. How could I get mad at her when she was just being a dog? Twenty years ago, something like this would have been a non-issue because times were simpler. Sometimes you just have to take things in stride and not get stressed by things that can set your day off course.

The morning didn't end there. Mom loves Dunkin Donuts once a week. The dogs love to ride in the car with me and I drive with the window open. Both love to stick their heads out and feel the breeze. I have the car set up so they don't get too carried away and can only put their heads on the top of the door. We went through the drive through and picked up the coffee and muffin breakfast. I always make sure to get the cup carrier so I don't have to worry about spills. I then got back to the house and had breakfast with mom.

Thanks for letting me share this story with you. I'd like to thank all of you guys for coming to visit me here at Too Kool Doggies. Have a beautiful day! :)

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