Monday, June 15, 2009

Riding in the car with dogs

Many times, I'll take the dogs for a ride with me when I make the morning trip to Dunkin Donuts. To keep dogs safer in cars, many manufacturers have created special accessories for keeping dogs restrained.

harness Before Gigi and Cookie came along, I had Cosmo. He was a hyper, loving Siberian Husky mix. When I took Cosmo in the car, and he noticed where he was going, i.e. the dog beach, he would go crazy and start barking up a storm and going in circles.Elvis, his Rhodesian Ridgeback partner in crime would look scared and confused. Knowing that I needed to focus on driving, I ordered from Foster & Smith a seatbelt harness for dogs.

The one I had bought was the economy version. It worked pretty well, however when Cosmo would get so worked up, sometimes he would manage to spin around and get himself unfastened by the amount he moved around, and this would happen just as we got to our destination.

Still, nothing gives an owner peace of mind behind the wheel like these harnesses. They range in price between $6 to $32 US dollars. They are completely portable and don't take up much space.

Well, I hope you all have a great Monday. If you would like to find dog seatbelt harnesses for yourself visit:
Foster & Smith

Thanks again for stopping in.

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