Saturday, February 11, 2012

Homer, My Hero

This week, I got hit pretty hard with a cold. In the past, I've had an uncanny knack for misplacing my glasses. This time was no different. One night, I fell asleep wearing my glasses and when I woke up yesterday, I couldn't find them anywhere.

I went the whole day without them. I was paranoid because I was concerned that I would have to get a new pair. Considering these were just repaired, that's the last thing I wanted to happen. I went to school and asked my mom to keep an eye out for them.

Then, while I was on break at school, I checked my phone. Sure enough, there was a message from Mom telling me "Guess who found your eyeglasses?" It turned out that Homer had crawled under the bed and took them out with his teeth. Homer has this thing where he'll bring a personal item like a sock or a glove and drop it right on the floor and stand by it wagging his tail. It's as if he saying "Look at what I found, isn't this great?" He then beams with pride at his accomplishment. That was the case with my glasses.

It's a small thing I know. Sometimes the small things make all the difference though.

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  1. This is a great story! More than made up for all the times Homer destroyed something important, right? :-)

    1. You better believe it. The longer I have him, the more he surprises me. Thank you for commenting.

  2. he he - Homer is a cutie. We just ambled over from the Blog hop and wanted to say HI.

    1. Thanks so much and welcome. Homer definitely keeps things interesting around here. I have a cat too. Her name is Kat. Thanks for commenting. :D



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