Friday, October 15, 2010

Mia, The Dog That Survived Euthanasia

Photo: Associated Press
This morning, I was taken aback when I heard about Mia (pictured above). She is a 11-year-old Rottweiler who was going to be euthanized because of severe back ailment. Her owner, Matt Olivarez decided that it was her time to be put down. Imagine his surprise when he picked up his dog from the vet and took her home to bury her. As he was preparing to bury her in his backyard, he stepped back into the garage to see her standing on all fours.

It was indeed a miracle. He was very distraught over this because he had prepared his children for this inevitable life event. After speaking to his veterinarian, he will be receiving a refund. He also hopes to find a new home for the dog. Still who whole situation has been nothing short of a miracle

Similar Incidents

Strangely, this hasn't been the first time a dog has survived euthanasia. In 2006, a young stray dog from Hinesville Georgia survived the gas chamber. She was later named Amazing Grace(pictured right). After this happened the Liberty County Humane Society reconsidered using the gas chamber as a method of euthanasia.

One of the most jarring stories happened in Rushville, Indiana, in November of 2007. Five dogs in the shelter had survived euthanasia. The employees were doing the procedure incorrectly and there was a huge shakeup with many of them getting suspended.

Is It Miraculous Or Mortifying?

When I hear stories like this, the effect can be jarring. It makes me wonder if a dog should not be euthanized at all, but instead live the course of its life out as nature intended? Were their wills to live stronger than what was administered to them? All I know is that Mia is special and I hope this beauty finds a new home where she can have a great quality of life?

Let's Discuss!

How do you feel about euthanasia? Do you think it's a humane way to say goodbye?

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  1. It seems to me that in the future, maybe euthanasia decisions should be based on more thorough physical examinations (and/or more thorough adoption efforts). If these dogs _survived_ the procedure, they must have been in pretty darn good health to start with!

  2. It's hard to know. She did have back problems and the owner was going to be putting her down because it was her time. I think it's a tough call. Maybe this article will bring more thorough exams.



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