Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rusty The Vagabond Dog

Photo: Chuck Berman

Considering October is Animal Adoption Month, I found this story very timely.

They Call Him The Wanderer

Earlier this week, I learned about Rusty. He is a stray dog who has been roaming around a Chicago suburb called Oakbrook since 2007. During this time, many people would approach him but he would always run away. However, one thing he wouldn't run away from was food. He would only want people food and had a particular palette. Some neighbors would even fix him steaks.

Since he wandered around various neighborhoods and the Follett Higher Education Group properties he never would let people close enough to him, even though he was a friendly dog. One day, he followed a family into their backyard and they were able to call the authorities.

What's next

Now that Rusty is recuperating at the Hinsdale Humane Society, it will be quite some time till he can get adopted. When he was first dropped off on September 20th, he was examined by the doctors and had tested positive for heartworm. His case was more serious therefore, he will have to be treated using chemotherapy.

Another obstacle for this evasive pooch is the time needed to teach him to be comfortable around humans. He is making strides but is not yet ready for adoption. Even though he isn't ready for adoption if any of you are considering a new dog for your household, please remember there are many healthy, loving dogs at the humane society dogs who are looking for a good home.

Let's Discuss!

Have you had a famous dog like Rusty in your neighborhood or hometown? How did the dog adjust to living in a family environment?

Read More About It!

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I found out from a fellow reader that Rusty is not getting chemotherapy for his heartworm, however the treatments do tire him out as similar to chemotherapy. He will have a full recovery and will be up for adoption when he finished his heartworm treatment and socialization training.

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