Thursday, September 9, 2010

Minka Kelly and Taylor Momsen

Photos: and Karen Curley

I read two stories about these celebrities and their dogs this week. One of them had me feeling proud as a dog owner and the other left me mystified. Let's start with the good.

Minka Kelly

Recently, Minka Kelly from Friday Night Lights was booted from the first class section on a flight she was taking because her dog Chewie, a five-year-old Cockapoo couldn't fit under the seat in the first class section. The actress had made special arrangements with Delta Airlines to ensure this was possible. Luckily, another flyer from the coach section offered for her father to switch seats with her dad so she could fly. The dog carrier that she had fit in that section better than first class.

What surprised me the most was the fact that the first class section was not built to accommodate dog carriers. It amazed me that there were rumors being started that the actress threw a hissy fit about the whole thing. All she wanted to do was make sure her dog could fly with her. Although this goes with the territory when you're a celebrity why bring up a situation like that? It's astounding that this was blown out of proportion.

With all the nightmarish stories and mishaps you hear about canines on airplanes, it's admirable that the actress was concerned about the welfare of her dog. Even though there are more alternatives for flying your pets these days like Pet Airways, it's great to hear about a celebrity who does right by her dog.

Taylor Momsen

I only heard about Taylor Momsen in the news. I never watched Gossip Girl until I was able to view the pilot on iTunes this summer. In the show, this actress plays a smart, level-headed teenager. In real life however, she's known as the wild child who's always stirring the pot with the media.

I was aghast to hear that she set her neutered dog's testicles on fire in a fire pit. Granted, they weren't attached to the dog, but the act alone is repulsive. But, she's only seventeen years-old. Kids at that age do ludicrous things that don't make sense. However, this actress lives in the public eye. Doesn't she realize that news stories like this can bring on copycat incidents?

Charles Barkley always said he wasn't a role model. I think that's a copout for celebrities who use this reasoning yet constantly find themselves in the spotlight. If it wasn't for your success, you would be just another face in the crowd. If you don't want to be a role model, then does that mean you don't acknowledge the importance of your fans, who made it possible for you to be there in the first place?

If you're a celebrity and you want to do something stupid and outlandish do it to yourself, but don't involve others who don't have a choice. I hope this kid grows up and cuts out the craziness.

Let's Discuss!

What are your thoughts on these stories?

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  1. I like this. I couldn't agree more on both celebrities. But regarding the 2nd story...the dog testicles in the fire: How did she convince the vet to hand over the testicles after the operation? Wouldn't the vet have some kind of responsibility here? Smells like something rotten here...

  2. I have no clue. I guess you can request these things if it belongs to your pet but why would someone? Strange but true I guess.



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