Sunday, September 12, 2010

5 Signs Your Dog Isn't Getting Enough Exercise

Photo: Matt Rutledge

When a person brings a new dog into their home, it's expected that a dog will adjust effortlessly. However, some dogs take longer to adjust than others because they have a high energy level. When a dog doesn't expend enough energy, behavior problems ensue. This can be quite a challenge for the owner.

One way to keep this at bay is to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise.

Here are five tips that have helped realize when it's time to get out and about with your dog

  1. They bark just to bark.One of the biggest causes of nuisance barking is the fact that they are not getting enough exercise. When this happens, a decent walk can make all of the difference.
  2. The dog is whining or crying for no reason.
  3. The dog is trying to get outside. They may do this by jumping up and hitting the door or if they're talented enough, bringing you their leash.
  4. They destructively chew. When a dog picks up the newspaper just to chew it into shreds or will find your favorite shoes, it usually means that they are needing more of a physical challenge. Dogs can learn right from wrong when the owner is patient and vigilant.
  5. Your dog is fat! This is one of the best indicators that your dog needs more exercise. My dog Cookie has slowed down in the past couple of years. She doesn't have the stamina and with all of the treat-motivated training I've done with Homer, she's put on quite a few pounds. Since she has an injured leg, I will be looking at hydrotherapy as an alternative.

Let's Discuss!

Well these are my signs that dogs don't get enough exercise, what signs do you have?

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