Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guess Who's Going On A Diet?

Photo: Joanna Redesiuk
Yesterday, my mom and I took Cookie to the vet for her exam. I knew that the minute she was getting on the scale, it wouldn't be good. Sure enough, it turned out that Cookie weighed 28 pounds(12.7 kg). Cookie may not be a big dog, but when we first got her she was underweight at 16 pounds. Her ideal weight is 22 pounds (10 kg). The 10% increase— compared to her weight last year(26 pounds)—is also affecting her injured leg.

Why This Happened

The main reasons Cookie had gained weight is the fact that we had increased her treat intake and that as she's getting older her metabolism has slowed down. Ever since Homer has joined the family, he's had a knack for chewing everything that looks interesting to him. Part of the way I get him to relinquish his finds, is to give him a treat so I don't have to fight him with his teeth clenched on whatever object he has.

In doing this, I had a guilt complex of not giving the other dogs treats so I would give them something too. It's so hard when you look at those questioning eyes that just don't understand. In talking to our vet, we learned that giving your dog a jerky treat should be the only thing the it receives all day aside from food.

Looking Into The Future

The doctor provided us a simple routine for Cookie as well as, Homer and Gigi. These are the steps we're going to take to help them shed the pounds(Yes, they all are a little heavier than they should be.)
  • Limit their treat intake! Each dog will be getting one big treat or three tiny ones a day. My mom has been apppointed as the boss of the treat jar so we don't get confused if they were given treats or not. When Homer has dog obedience, we will be cutting down on his meal and not feed him until after his class.
  • Reducing their food consumption.This will apply mostly to Cookie. We will also be picking up their food bowls if they haven't eaten their food after 30 minutes.
  • No more people food! Since Cookie's health is at stake, their will be a ban on people food for the dogs. This will help with their begging too.
It will be interesting to see how this will help the dogs keep their weight down. I'll keep you all posted.

Let's Discuss!

Do you have an overweight dog that you've put on a diet? What are some things you do to help them shed pounds?

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  1. Bigger than she was I suppose. Still, she's a work in progress. She can handle it. :D



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