Monday, January 4, 2010

Dogs In The News: An Angel Of A Dog

A Cold, Winter Day

It happened in a small town named Boston Bar, British Columbia which is located 200km (125 miles) northeast of Vancouver. Eleven-year-old Austin Forman was walking out to get firewood with his dog Angel. Across the yard was a cougar that was charging the young boy. Angel, his golden retriever noticed this and charged the cougar.

Austin ran inside to tell him mom what happened and he was talking so fast she needed him to repeat what he was saying. After talking to her father-in-law, she called 911. The police arrived in time to see Angel under the porch with the cougar's jaws wrapped around her head.

The officer fired two rounds into the cougar's rear end, but the cougar continued its attack. The officer closed in to within five feet and shot the cougar, killing it.
Even after it was killed, the cougar's jaws were still clenched on Angel's face, Forman said. Angel was silent for a few moments but then took in a big gasp of air and got up.

Angel the Golden Retriever

Forman said Angel was recovering Sunday with a local animal caregiver. She has numerous puncture wounds around her head and neck, as well as a swollen eye.

Both are very lucky to have survived. This valiant dog risked her life to save this boy. If you would like to read this news story in its entirety please visit the CTV website.

Let's Discuss

So, have you known anyone who have been in a similar situation. As a dog owner, the biggest predator, I've come into contact with is a skunk. Still, with living closer to a forest preserve, coyotes and foxes are something to be aware of, especially with smaller dogs.

Hope you all have a great week.

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