Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Tournament of Roses Parade

Natural Balance Float
Photo credit: Cute Overload

TillmanThe Tournament of Roses Parade is one of those parades, that I really enjoy watching every year. It always amazes me how much creativity and beauty each of these floats have. I had read about Tillman the skateboarding dog appearing at this year's parade but I had no idea what would be in store.
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Natural Balance FloatI was completely blown away by the Natural Balance float. The total length of the float was 114 feet (34.75 meters). That's approximately 1/6 of a football field. It had a huge bulldog at the front. Dick Van Patten, the founder of Natural Balance —He also starred in the TV show Eight is Enough — helmed the float.
Photo Credit: KABC 7 Los Angeles

Having the theme of a ski chalet, the design was brilliantly crafted. There were five bulldogs who were trained to snowboard down the hill. The four male dogs were Tillman, Tank, Niko and Lyle. There was one female pooch named Rose who rounded out the bunch.

As you can see from the videos below, The dogs went down the hill and then went back up the hill in little dog houses. Check them out below to see the rest...

Down she goes...

Down and up the go...

Although this was a spectacular float, it was not an award winner. There were some really outstanding floats out there. Which one was your favorite?

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  1. Interesting. Where did this parade take place, and what is its theme? (It obviously wasn't around here, judging by the lack of snow & people in short sleeves!)



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