Friday, October 9, 2009

101 Dalmations: The Musical

Dalmations in the Musical

Photo Courtesy of 101 Dalmations the Musical

101 Dalmations is the newest musical that will be coming to Broadway. It will be produced by Jerry Zaks and Dennis DeYoung. Some of you rock and roll fans may know Dennis DeYoung from the 70's band Styx. All the original music in this show will be written by him. Starting October 13, this musical will be touring the country. It plans on visiting 24 cities in the United States starting out in Minneapolis and finishing up in Los Angeles.

This show was first produced by Luis Alvarez from Madrid, Spain back in Fall of 2001. It was a smash hit and was one of the most successful productions in Spain ever. Now, he is working as a consultant to help this production duplicate the success of Spain.

There will be a total of fifteen dalmations. The youngest dog Rascal, who is about six months and the oldest goes up to six years. They are all shelter dogs who will have been specially trained by Joel Slaven, one of the best known animal trainers in show business. The training process for the dogs took over three months. The dogs are taught to sit, find their mark (just like any actor would), and leave the stage.

Any time 101 Dalmations had been shown in the past, there was a huge rise in adoptions for the Dalmations breed. As a result, many of them wound up in shelters because the people who adopted them didn't have the patience for this particular type of breed or the dogs didn't blend react well to being around kids.

The producers and trainers are going to work hard to make sure all the dogs will not have the same fate as their predecessors. They will be up for adoption after the show ends. If there are any dogs left over, Mr. Slaven will have them live at his ranch, which is a haven for all kinds of animals.

If you would like to learn more about this show, please visit their website. You can find ticket information here. Their information is great if you are planning a trip. You may also want to check out this article by Samantha Critchell.

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I hope you all are enjoying the weekend. If any of you guys are planning to see this show, I would love to hear about it. I may see it when it hits Chicago. Also, don't forget leave a commentfor your chance to win a free digital photo keychain as part of TKD's six-month celebration. Thanks for stopping in. :)

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