Friday, October 23, 2009

Bo Obama Six Months Later

Bo Obama

Official White House Portrait

In April, we got to see Bo Obama become the newest member of the White House. Since then, he's been a busy pup.

In the summer, the White House released an official portrait of Bo. Not only does he have a portrait, but he also has a special baseball card and also a greeting card.

In August, he accompanied the First Family to Martha's Vineyard. There's even a Cappy, Bo's BroTwitter account in his honor which you can find here.

Cappy, Bo's Brother

Most importantly, Bo turned a year-old. He had the opportunity to celebrate with his brother Cappy. Bo's birthday was October 9th, the same day the President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here's wishing you a great weekend. As always, share your favorite comment or thought about our First Dog.

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  1. I think giving the family name to the dog is a bad idea, he is only a dog. Here are the many ways to name dogs:

  2. I don't know Mic, I think some can work out. Bo is a cute name for a dog and easy to remember. Others, you may wonder what they are thinking. After viewing the website, that is a pretty clever way the French name their dogs. Thank you for your comment.



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