Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oodle Dogs

Just a small note...

The picture I use for my heading was taken by a great photographer from Italy. If you would like to see the photo in its entirety please use this link...

Onto the subject at hand...

Yesterday, I was thinking about how all these new types of breeds of dogs are being created. Really, they are a mix of two breeds. So I went to and was amazed to see over 70 breeds for the poodle alone.

Looking through today's classified section I found the most popular ones to be:

I think one of the biggest draws to these dogs are the fact that when mixed with a poodle, most of them don't shed. Also, they usually are more friendly to allergy sufferers. Still, I think as adorable as they are, one should never go by looks alone. Part of me is thrilled that there is a growing market for these unique dogs. It's great that you can find many of these dogs in animal shelters and rescue leagues, but part of me is concerned that it may get out of control. I'd love to year your thoughts on this.

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