Thursday, July 26, 2012

Street Dogs

Photo: Andrew Currie

In many parts of the world, dogs exist on the streets. There is either not enough room in the shelters for them or they are just left alone. Many places around the world, just let them be as if they're an another wild animal. Some are well-behaved so there's no reason to put them in a shelter. It shows that not all strays are dangerous and just live life day to day. Perhaps, not all people agree with this but it's a fact that all cultures are different.

Maybe those who have created those unnecessary BSL laws will realize they are used senselessly.Therefore, today's post is dedicated to all the sweet dogs out there who live their lives on their own.

Dog Riding The Subway by Adam Baker

Street Dog Pelotas by Guilherme Taveras

Perfect Specimen by Matt Lemmon

Dimitrova Street (in Russia) by Sergey

Iraklion Street, Greece by Lee Cannon

Homeless Dog In Russia by Andrey
Street Dog by Surya Prakash

Homeless Dog by Michal Zacharzewski

Let's Discuss!

Have you ever remembered a street dog you encountered while travelling?

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  1. Never encountered a street dog, but I have encountered quite a few street cats in Key West, Florida. Those cats are mostly descendents of the Ernest Hemingway House cats, and because of inbreeding are polydactyl (six-toed). From what I understand, people commonly leave food and water out for them, but otherwise they live more or less like wild animals. They're not friendly and will shy away from people, but nor are they dangerous in any way.

    1. I've never hear of six-toed cats. That's incredible. That sounds about right when it comes to strays. It must have been something seeing all those cats. Thanks for your comments.



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