Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free To Roam Yet No Longer A Stray

Some of you may remember Rusty, the stray dog who eluded capture for three years. Well, now that he's recovered from his heartworm treatment, he will be going to a new home. It's located in Utah and is called Dogtown at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Many of you may know about Best Friends since many of Michael Vick's pit bulls were sent there instead of being euthanized. Since Rusty did not feel comfortable around humans the way dogs should, they decided to send him to Dogtown. Although he is never vicious around humans, he's more himself around other dogs.

Dogtown only accepts less than 1 percent of the 2,000 applications it receives each month. This will be a fresh start for Rusty in a place where he can be safe and not worry about living life on the run.

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Let's Discuss!

Have you known a dog like Rusty? Have you heard about Dogtown?


  1. There are many different definitions of "home." This makes me think of Robert Frost's line that home is the place that "when you have to go there, they have to take you in." This isn't a fairy-tale ending, but it's happy enough. Godspeed, Rusty.
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  2. That's a beautiful quote. I think it was the best they could do, considering that Rusty has been on his own for so long. You're right, it is happy enough. :) Thank goodness most dogs aren't hard to please.



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