Sunday, July 15, 2012

Conservative Management Yields Success

Cookie Living It Up

Many of you may remember last year when Cookie had not one but two torn cranial cruciate ligaments in her hind legs. At the time, surgery was not an option so instead we watched her to see that she wasn't overexerting herself and limited her motion.

This meant watching when it came to going up and down the stairs. Since our house only has a basement, I was adamant about keeping her upstairs. If she ever went down to the basement, I would carry her down the stairs.

Another thing we did was watch her during walks. If I noticed limping, it was a sign to take her home. As many know, dogs conceal more pain than what we see with them. Cookie is the type of dog that aims to please and she goes above and beyond when it comes to activities.

My mom and I measured her food so she wouldn't overeat. In the past year, it's apparent that Cookie has slimmed down. She still is barrel-chested for a pooch but her shape is more streamlined. I am certain that it's made a difference when it comes time for her to exercise.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes the road to recovery takes longer thank anticipated. With the right amount of patience, dedication and follow through, what was once thought impossible can be possible after all.

Let's Discuss!

Have you had a dog who's had a recovery like Cookie?

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