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All dogs need insurance

They say that a dog is a man’s or woman’s best friend. The second we bring a pet dog into our lives is the second that we welcome them into our family as one of our own.

This is why dog insurance is so important for protecting your dog’s health. The sad fact is, that many dog owners have had to put down their dog simply because they could not afford the veterinary bills.

Unfortunately veterinary costs are rising all the time. If your dog broke a bone for example, the x-ray alone would cost in excess of $200. Dental surgery could cost over $160 and if your pet dog was unfortunate enough to catch an ongoing disease such as diabetes or asthma, the ongoing treatment for the lifetime of the dog could reach up to $10,000.

In this video from MoneySupermarket, Sheila from one of the many pet rescue centres talks about the importance of insurance for your pets.

Pet insurance video courtesy of

What a dog insurance policy can cover

A dog insurance policy covers much more than just the veterinary costs. Here is a list of everything that a dog cover policy can include.

Vet Bills – As discussed whether your dog as a one time or a life time injury or illness your policy can cover you from the associated costs.

Death Benefit – This can be paid out to you if your dog dies of an illness or accident. The payout is usually the price you paid for your pet or its market value.

Accidental Damage – If you dog was to cause damage to a third parties personal property this will cover the costs to replace the damaged property.

Third Party Liability – If your dog was to cause a car accident and someone was seriously hurt, you could be held liable for any damages and costs.

Theft/Straying – If your dog is stolen and not found usually after 28 days, the price you paid for the dog or its market value can be paid to you.

Advertising/Reward – Carrying on from the last point, your dog insurance will help pay towards the associated costs involved for advertising your missing dog and offering a reward.

Boarding Fees – If your dog has to have a prolonged stay in hospital then the costs for keeping them overnight can soon start to add up. Your insurance policy can cover these costs for you.

Holiday Cancellation – If you have a family holiday planned and paid for and you had to cancel it due to your dogs health, then your insurance will cover the money you would have lost. This only applies if your dog needs life saving surgery.

So, as you can see a dog insurance policy covers a lot more than just your dog’s health.

Today's post was written by Stefan Mustieles. Stefan is the proud owner of a Yorkshire Terrier called Ben. Writing for the price comparison website, he currently writes a number of diverse articles on all aspects of pet ownership.

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