Saturday, August 6, 2011

When One Is Under The Weather

Sometimes, when I'm sick, I'll notice a complete change in my dogs. They'll stay by my side and not nag at me to let them out like they usually do. It's as if they sense that I'm not operating at 100 percent, they adjust.

Dogs have this uncanny ability to detect when something is up. When a human is emotional your dog will smell the difference in the air. Many dogs can detect cancer, seizures or if a person is unconscious because of this keen instinct.

While all dogs are different, I think many will sense when their owners are sick.

Let's Discuss!

How is your dog different when you're sick?

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  1. hello there, we saw you on the hop and decided to say hello. whenever anyone is sick, i can sense when they have a fever, so wherever they feel the warmest I will lick and lick that part like because i think it makes the fever better and i will lay down by their side to keep them company.

    yuki and rocket

  2. Welcome. It's great having you stop by and share how you can tell if your owner is sick. I never realized that's what dogs do when we have fevers. Thanks for sharing.



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