Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rabbit Frenzy Strikes Again!

Earlier tonight, I decided to reward the dogs by taking them on an extra long walk. Just when we started, Homer caught a glimpse of our friendly neighborhood rabbit. Luckily, I had a good hold of the leash and was able to continue the walk. Fast forward 10 minutes later. While Gigi was paused for a moment, Homer decided he couldn't wait any longer and slipped out of his collar again.

Cookie and Gigi were good girls by minding the homefront while I was hot in pursuit. Suffice it to say, after looking around for him for about an hour, I finally found him in my neighbor's yard. Since rabbit season is just starting, serious precautions have to be taken.

  1. It's time to get out the harness again.
  2. I will be heading to the pet store to pick up a martingale collar.

What's A Martingale Collar?

Premier ECO Dog Collar, Medium 3/4-Inch, Fern Green
Martingale collars are a cross between a choke collar and a regular collar. They are made with nylon and will keep your dog from slipping their head out of the collar.

Since Homer seems to be a master of an escape artist, I will be picking up one of these tomorrow. It's a small price to pay for extra piece of mind while I'm on our nightly jaunts. I'll let you all know what happens.

Let's Discuss!

Have any of you used this type of collar for your dog? How does it compare to other collars and harnesses?

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  1. I swear by two martingales...my old standby that's 4 years old and a new one I won on a blogger friends contest...whoop whoop!

  2. I love martingale collars. Darby has one that is permanently attached to his leash. We just slip it over his head when we want to go out, then pop it off when we get where we're going. Much easier on everyone.

  3. Sophie, I love that they're much gentler than choke collars. That's great that yours has lasted really long. I think Homer has that type of neck that doesn't stay in regular collars. I am looking forward to getting one tomorrow, since I had class today.

  4. Vicky, Homer is too quick to have it attached to his leash. It's nice that you can do that. In our house with three dogs, they all have their collars on.

  5. I have never heard of the martingale collars. They sound perfect for my little dog. She also has a habit of getting out of her collar.
    Great post!



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