Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute Gifts For The Holidays

As the holiday shopping season winds down, time is running out to pick up gifts. Getting the right gift can be a challenge so I've created a list that's ideal for the dog fans on your list. I found many of these products at a local pet boutique called Paws Pet Place. You can find many of these products online at Paws Pet Place online. Although, it's very close to the holiday, you may be able to get similar gifts at boutiques in your home town. Many people also give gifts for New Year's day so for those of you who do, this may get a good list for that holiday.

Cool Gifts

This dog bed is a gift for those who love to spoil their pooches. It's made of wood with a spot to engrave your dog's name, and a paw print design that can go on either side of the bed. Price: $110 USD.

Treat Jars are great and stylish. They're reasonably priced too starting at around $15.00 USD. Ceramic bowls are neat gifts as well. They are heavy so they don't slide around and can be thrown in the dishwasher. Most bowls are about $7.00 USD and up. All of these together are a fantastic combo as well.

For the dogs and their owner constantly on the go, these water bottles are a great gift. You can find them for about $4.00 to $15.00 USD depending on size and style. They can be found everywhere and come in handy on a long walk or run.

Interactive toys that challenge a dog are all the rage. These "smart toys" are great for dogs who need extra mental stimulation. So many times Homer plays with a toy and loses interest and gets his nose into something else. What I like about the Star Spinner is the different layers where food or treats can be hidden. It's made in the US by Kyjen and can be found anywhere starting at $15 USD.

These are great for the die-hard sports fan. Not only do they have dog shirts showing team support but you can also find hats, collars, leads and id tags for a person's favorite team. These usually start at $10 USD and up.

Stocking Stuffers

I found these at Paws Pet Place the other day. They're a great stocking stuffer for dogs.

Doggy Pops are a treat I came across last night. I had never seen treats like this and loved their creativeness. The pop part is made of peanut butter and the sticks are composed of different kinds of rawhide. This morning, I gave it to the dogs, when I went out for a few hours. Well, all of the dogs loved them. I picked them up from Pet Supplies Plus for $4 USD.

I never saw bones such as carrot bones made by Zuke's. These organic bones were bought in medium for $3.29 USD. These organic creations wound up being a little too big for the dogs so we substituted them for dinner last night. Did they think it was a regular bone? You better believe it! Homer was so protective of it, he waited by the door until he could go outside in the yard. Then, he went to the back, and buried it in the snow. Twenty minutes later, he wanted to go out again. After being let out a second time, he came back in with his bone and hid behind one of the cozy chairs in our family room to enjoy his bone in privacy.

Let's Discuss!

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? What are some things you like to get for your dog-loving friends and family?

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  1. Wow, I had no idea there were so many cool gift ideas for dogs! I especially like the 'smart toy' puzzles. :) Which gifts are your dogs getting under the tree this year? :)

  2. Well, I'm just looking for something good for the dogs to chew on. Homer is still in the chewing stage. Next, will be one of those smart toy puzzles. A busy dog is a happy dog. Hope you had a great holiday. :)



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