Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Short Post About Epilepsy

Dogs are very similar to humans. As a result, they get some of the same diseases we do such as cancer, viruses and epilepsy.

Our dog Cookie suffers from epilepsy. It is very rare in dogs and is more prevalent in certain breeds such as cocker spaniels. 80% of the cases the doctors do not know what causes it.

One day she was with my mom and she just froze. It was only about 30 seconds but then the next episode was for a couple of minutes.

When we took her to the doctor, we found out that she had a tendency to have petit mal seizures. I felt very fortunate that my dog did not have a severe diagnosis but we still have to follow a regimen to keep the episodes to a minimum.

Here are some tips if you ever see a dog having a seizure.

1. Stay calm and just pet the dog to help them deal with the moment.
2. After the incident happens, a dog may want to run around, or in Cookie's case, go out in the yard. This is the dogs process of coming out of the seizure.
3. It's good to write the amount of time the seizure goes on for and note an increase in the time or if it stays consistent.

Well, have a great night all. I'd love to hear from you.

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