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Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Food Review

Many dog owners these days have switched over to freeze-dried food from commercial food. It's healthier and the ingredients are pure. Dog food that has been freeze-dried is first vaporized and then frozen at a low temperature to keep a bit of moisture in to make the food easy to prepare.

Freeze-dried is preferred over dehydrated food to keep the ultimate amount of nutrition in the food. Today's dog food I'll be talking about is Orijen Adult Freeze-Dried Food in the Adult Dog variety. I chose the Adult Dog variety since it had the best mix of foods which included meat, fish, fresh fruits, berries and grasses. It's a good choice for dogs who are diabetic too. A six-ounce bag was provided to me courtesy of

Orijen Freeze-Dried Food - Adult Dog

Since I have five dogs, instead of giving the patties as a meal, I used it as a food topper. Using the patties in this method is similar to giving them a nutrition supplement. Instead of mixing their dry food with their usual Mighty dog, I used the patties instead. Because my dogs are different sizes, I gave patties to them as follows:

  • Cookie - 2 patties
  • Gigi = 1 patty
  • Homer - 2 patties
  • Harry - 1 patty
  • Fancy - 4 patties
With there being 12 patties in a bag, this had two left over. The dogs loved the food. I'm always hesitant to try
new foods because Gigi (pictured with me left) is still battling bladder stones and is sensitive to certain foods. Also Harry is limited with what he can chew.

The Results

It was prepared as directed on the package. I mixed each patty with 1/4 cup of water. I then broke down the patties into small pieces and added both the broken-up patty and its water on top of their food. All of the dogs loved it. Not one wound up lifting their head from their bowl. The only problem I ran into was with Harry. Since Harry doesn't have many teeth, the food once was liquified tended to stick together. So, in order to make it easier for Harry, I mixed it up a little more to make it easier.

Another alternative would have been to give Harry the patty dry. That way, it would still be soft enough to chew without it needing to stick together. All in all, this is a good alternative to those dog owners who don't mind the extra cost that comes with this type of feeding. The dogs all loved it and it didn't last long in my house. It's also nice to give to your dogs when you need a break from the usual routine

Let's Discuss!

Please share below your thoughts on freeze-dried food. What's your favorite brand? How does it work for your dog?

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