Friday, August 23, 2013

Halo Healthsome Review

Earlier this month, I received a bag of Halo Healthsome dog treats in Beef and Liver from I am lucky to have the best doggie taste tester in Gigi. She's a girl with a sensitive stomach and is very selective about what she chooses. Also, having five dogs makes it easy to see if a treat will please them all, since they all are very different from each other.

What's Good About This

One thing that stood out on the package was the fact that the biscuits were oven baked. Many biscuits are processed and contain fillers. Healthsome do not. This makes a difference with dogs like my Gigi, who's naturally sensitive to certain treats. They were also easy to break in half for our smaller dogs.

Upon giving this to Gigi, she did her routine sniffing of the biscuits and then proceeded to eat it like usual. It didn't upset her stomach. As for the other dogs, Harry, our Chinese Crested loved it too. Chinese Crested dogs are notorious for having bad teeth. We have to be careful of what we give Harry for treats because of this. He can eat most treats, but not ones similar to bones.

The Final Result

These treats turned out to be very popular with all the dogs. They loved them. I recommend these to dog owners who are looking for a more healthy biscuit than your average commercial fare.

Let's Discuss!

How does your dog like Halo Healthsome?

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