Friday, September 27, 2013

Merrick Jerky Strips Review

Dogs just to seem love jerky. Anytime, I have jerky, my dogs get so excited. It does have a strong scent and is easy to digest. They had no rawhide in them, which is better for the dogs' digestive systems.

Jerky strips in general don't have the coloring added to them that you find in other dog treats. These by Merrick are grain-free. That's why I had no problem when I was asked by to review their Merrick Jerky Strips in Natural Beef. I'd like to thank for providing the complimentary treats for review.

At First Glance

When I first opened the package, the biggest difference I noticed was the texture. Instead of being soft and flexible,

these were hard. It made them easy to break into even pieces to give to the smaller dogs, but in truth, I was perplexed by this. But in the end, as long as the dogs loved it, that's all that really mattered.

The Real Test

It was time to give the Jerky Strips to the ones who really knew what worked and what didn't--my dogs. Gigi, as always couldn't contain her excitement enough. She loved it. So did Cookie and Homer. Fancy is such a big girl, she'll eat anything. So the true test was Harry, our Chinese Crested dog who is pretty much toothless.

All of the dogs loved it. Even our big girl Fancy, who can down a treat in milliseconds took her time to enjoy this treat. She held it between her paws and chomped away.

Final Recommendation

Even though these treats are a little on the pricey side ($5.99 for 2.5 ounces), I think they are good to give your dogs when you want an alternative to rawhide treats. They also make a smart choice for dogs who have sensitive stomachs. Do I think they are good enough replace the soft jerky treats? Not really. I think they don't beat the original soft treats but are nice to give once in a while when you are looking for a little variety or change of pace from the usual.

Let's Discuss!

What are your thoughts about this treat? Do you like giving beef jerky to your dogs?


  1. Wow! These jerky strips almost look good enough for a human to eat! LOL. I used to give my dog rawhide but I hear it is not as good for them as treats like this. I bet he would love these he loves meat & especially beef.

    1. Thanks Pynk. What distinguishes them most is the crispiness. They are different from the ordinary, that's for sure.



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