Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Unusual Surprise On New Year's Eve

Yesterday in the early evening, I was taking the three dogs out for a long walk. They love the exercise and it's a great energy release for them. When I was just short of the halfway point, I heard a noise similar to a firecracker. It was this noise that stopped Homer in his tracks and made a beeline to come straight back home.

So we had walked quite a bit and were leisurely heading back. Within a block of my house, I heard a "Pop, pop, pop" sound that made Homer want to amp up the speed. One of the things I forget to do is not to coddle him. When you do that when a dog has a challenging situation, it actually reinforces the reactions as good instead of comforting him.

The Source Of The Noise

When I had explained the situation to my neighbor, he told me that the noises were gun shots. I was floored. I never really have liked guns. While they may be a necessary evil to keep things in the world running smoothly, they are not a necessity to live your everyday life.

While it's great that this country's constitution gives us the right to bear arms, I can never understand firing one's gun into the air just to do it. Too many times we hear about how a bullet ricochets and kills an innocent bystander. My neighbor also informed me that he found two bullets lodged in his roof. One he was able to remove and the other he wasn't.

I'm all for celebrating the new year to the fullest. But I think that many of use can go without the gunshots that follow. I know that Homer would agree with me.

Let's Discuss!

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever felt that people overdo it when it comes to guns?

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  1. I agree with you on this. When I lived in Cicero, New Year's often came in with many, many bangs, most likely guns as well as fireworks. (I'm not enough of an expert to distinguish between the two.) I found it at least as annoying as Homer does!

  2. Thanks. However, Homer was more terrified than annoyed. I appreciate your comments.



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