Friday, June 17, 2011

Battlepug, A New Breed Of Comics

The Original Battlepug
Photo Courtesy of Mike Norton

The Dawn Of A Web Comic

I was reading an illustration weblog the other day when I discovered the web comic called Battlepug. Coming across this comic I was tickled pink. Who would ever imagine a pug as a superhero? It is such an original idea.

As a kid, I would read comics here and there. As an adult, I discovered how cool and exciting superheroes could be through my teenage nephew Stan's enthusiasm for comic books. Seeing the movies that were inspired by the comics my nephew read, I realized that great writing can produce fantastic movies.

Battlepug started running in February and has had quite a following. It begins with a naked woman (who's tastefully drawn) reading the story of Battlepug to her two dogs — Colfax, a French bulldog, and Mingo, a pug. Each dog has its own unique personality that shines through.

It tells the story of a young boy who is orphaned by his parents and what happens after. We have yet to meet Battlepug, but that seems to be just around the corner. The story is quite enjoyable, so I don't mind the wait.

How It Began

Mike Norton, the creator, has always loved pugs and owns two of his own. He was approached by iFanboy to provide to create a signature t-shirt for a new line of merchandise. Since Mike worked exclusively for DC comics, all the artwork he did had no original properties he could use. From that, came the idea of Battlepug.

More Than Just Comics

If you visit the Battlepug website, you will see other valiant pug photos called Friday's Battlepugs which is submitted by its fans. It also has some cool fan art as well. They even sell t-shirts for both men and women. Each comic has a blog post to go with it that tells you what the writer is up to every week.

This is a comic that I look forward to reading every week.

Let's Discuss!

What is your favorite dog creation?

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  1. What a riot! I haven't even read this comic and it's already my favorite dog creation!!



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