Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Q & A With Go Pet Portraits

Melissa McElroy is the artist behind Go Pet Portraits. The idea started when she was looking for a frame for a dog portrait that she had painted. People took notice of the dog portrait and asked her where she had gotten that painting. An artist who has painted all of her life, she launched her website last year.

Melissa was able to take a few minutes out of her schedule to come and talk to us. Here is our interview:

TOO KOOL DOGGIES: Welcome Melissa! You have quite an assortment of unique pet portraits on your website. How do people learn about your website and artwork?
Melissa: Thank you very much. It's great to be here. Word of mouth, online and through the phone are ways my customers learn about Go Pet Portraits.

TOO KOOL DOGGIES: Do you have any pets of your own?
Melissa: I have a miniature pinscher named Pierre. He likes art too. Occasionally, he'll help me pick a background color when I'm stuck on two choices. I'll tell him to pick a color and he points to one of them with his paw.
That's amazing! It's astounding what dogs can do.

TOO KOOL DOGGIES: Do you do any other types of painting?
Melissa: Before I started Go Pet Portraits last year, I had been doing abstracts for many years.

TOO KOOL DOGGIES: What other things do you do to keep your artistic skills sharp?
Melissa: I love listening to music and will switch up between the different art mediums. While I love doing abstracts, I will create sculptures as well.

TOO KOOL DOGGIES: What do you like best about having an online business?
Melissa: Everything is one place. People can order prints, view my artwork and contact me with any questions. Everything is simplified and easily accessible.

TOO KOOL DOGGIES: What is the most unusual request that you've received?
Melissa: Well, this really isn't too unusual but I will get request to do humans which I will do.

TOO KOOL DOGGIES: What do you like best about painting pets?
Melissa: It's great to see the reactions of my customers. There's nothing more satisfying than capturing the spirit of their pet.

TOO KOOL DOGGIES: What advice would you give to artists entering the field?
Melissa: Be brave! Don't be afraid to take a commission. Giving your portraits as a gift is a great way to start out. It's memorable for the person receiving it and it will help the artist fine tune their style.

If you would like to learn more about Go Pet Portraits, you can:

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Also, just for Too Kool Doggies readers, Go Pet Portraits will be offering free shipping. Just let her know the code TKD FREE and that you learned about her through our blog.

Thank you all for joining us on this interview. A special thanks to Melissa for making this interview possible. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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