Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Walking The Dog

Tonight, I took the girls and Homer for a walk. As I was walking up the street, Homer noticed a rabbit. Since he was only 10 feet away from it, I let him chase it for a bit with the girls following behind. After, the rabbit ran into a neighbor's yard, I stopped and congratulated the dogs on a good job.

I continued on the walk, minding my own business. When I turned the dogs around to go home, I had a neighbor yell at me "You really should do a better job of keeping your dogs off my lawn. This was not because of the rabbit, but because one of the dog's did their business (the type that an owner can't pick up) on their lawn.

This man then told me that I was breaking a rule by having my dogs walk on his lawn. Nevermind, that he didn't have any signs saying to keep dogs off the lawn. Nevermind that I told him that I try to keep my dogs on the parkway (which is city property). Then I said "Friendly Neighbor" in a sarcastic voice and continued on my way. He then yelled that I should use a backyard.

Most people who don't own dogs realize that some dogs require more exercise than staying in the backyard. Homer, has a very high energy level. He spends a huge chunk of the day in the backyard and still needs at least two walks a day.

I find myself stymied for a solution. I try to respect neighbors' wishes but it's very hard to keep the dogs on a certain path, especially when Homer fixates on a rabbit scent. I guess I will just have to rotate the routes I take the dogs on and try to avoid this neighbor's lawn in the future.

Let's Discuss!

How do you deal with difficult neighbors? What do you think is the best solution?


Lawn Lovers vs. Dog Owners


  1. Honestly? In my town we've had people shoot dogs (and once an owner) over dogs using their lawn for a restroom. I pretty much load Doodle into the car and take him to a park or other dog-friendly place, because it seems these days you can't be too careful.

  2. maybe you should be ready to clean up the poop (any kind of poop) in case your dog does his thing on your neighbor's lawn.. but still, your "friendly neighbor" shouldn't yell like that. if he was a dog lover he would be more understanding.. i hope this doesn't stop you from walking your dogs..

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  3. Boy Vicky, you live in a tough town. I wish that was more of an option where I live.

  4. Hi namae,

    Unfortunately, it wasn't poop the guy was yelling about, it was #1. I won't stop walking my dogs because two of them definitely need the walks, but I will do everything possible to avoid this testy guy.



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