Monday, May 30, 2011

Unbelieveable! Shot and Buried Alive Yet She Still Survives

In Malta just like many European countries, it's common to see strays roaming freely. Someone obviously didn't like a cute black and white dog named Star. Not only did that person shoot her 40 times in the head with a pellet gun, but also buried her alive in the sand. People discovered her nose poking through the sand.

Many people in Malta are incensed about this. In addition to stiffening the penalty for animal cruelty, a Facebook page has been created to find the individual responsible for the pain this dog as suffered.

As for Star? Luckily, a Maltese family will be adopting her but will not be able her to get her right away, since she needs extra time to recover from the trauma. At least she will have a happy ending.

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