Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cookie Update

Today, I took Cookie to the vet to check her weight. As I'm still not able to have surgery, I've taken some steps to conservatively treat Cookie until surgery is possible. As it turned out, Cookie has lost about 1.4 pounds. While she still has a way to go, it's a step in the right direction.

Keeping Quality Of Life A Priority

In addition to working at getting Cookie to lose weight, I've been taking her along in the car while I do dogwalking. Since she can't walk big distances, she loves her car ride and with the weather still being cool, she doesn't mind waiting while I do my work.

She is walking better too. We've been giving her fish oil and Dasuquin (a joint supplement) every morning to help keep arthritis at bay. I've had the best luck with the salmon oil I picked up at Pet Supplies Plus. At night, she gets 200IUs of Vitamin E along with her regular food.

Looking Forward

Her walking is now more secure, and she still tries to jump up on furniture. I am hoping to be able to do surgery at the end of the summer, but right now, everything is tentative.

Thanks for all of you who've stopped in. Hope you are enjoying the week.


  1. Glad the old girl's hangin' in there... :)

  2. Thanks Pat. She still has a way to go but she's not taking her injury lying down. :D

  3. So sorry to hear that Cookie is having a hard time!

    I do have some good news for you, you won the Pet Blogs United giveaway for the book What About Daisy!

    Please contact us at PBU at comcast dot net to get you copy of the book.

    Oskar & Pam

  4. Thanks guys for the kind words. We're taking it day by day. I'm pysched about the book. Thank you. :D



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