Sunday, May 23, 2010

Greenies Healthy Smile Contest

Greenies Treats for Dogs Monster Treat-Pak 27 Regular, 27 oz

Show Us Your Smile!

Does your dog have a natural smile every time you shoot his picture? Well, Greenies is having a special contest to capture that perfect smile from your pet. The 1st prize is having your dog's photo on the September 2010 cover of "The Bark" magazine and a year's supply of Greenies. The 2nd place prize is three months of Greenies products. Lastly, the other winners who round out the top ten will win a free 27 ounce tub of Greenies.

I've tried these myself and they make the time between brushings much smoother. If you would like to learn more about the contest, you should check out their website. The contest ends June 18, 2010

Hope you all have enjoyed the weekend. Thanks for stopping by.



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