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Newman's Own Organic Snack Sticks

Newman's Own Chicken and Sweet Potato Snack Sticks

Having five dogs in one household has its advantages and drawbacks. One of the advantages is that when you give them a new treat, you'll get different types of feedback. One of the drawbacks is that an average size bag of treats never lasts long. That's why I was really excited for the pooches to try the Newman's Own Chicken and Sweet Potato Snack Sticks. A bag was provided to me to review courtesy of

Newman's Own Snack Sticks At First Glance

Looking at these when I took them out of the bag, I liked that they were soft, but still had some structure. I also noticed that the treats had grooves which made them easier to measure and break in half for our smaller dogs. They also had a grainy texture which made me think of organic treats versus natural treats.

The Taste

Sometimes, my dogs are iffy with treats that have sweet potatoes in them but in this case, that couldn't be further

from the truth. Fancy (pictured right) ate her treat with relish. She really chomped away in paradise. What I liked even better is that not one dog had a bad reaction on their digestive system. Finally the true indicator of how good these treats were was the fact that they lasted in our house for only two days.

Summing It All Up!

I would highly recommend these treats as an alternative to beef or chicken jerky. Chicken is the first ingredient listed on the bag, which is a nice change to having treats that feature chicken by-products as their main ingredient. Because they are made organically, there's only 11 ingredients that go into each snack stick. It's a good option to also consider if your dog is prone to allergies or has a sensitive stomach. They also are free of corn and wheat by using barley flour instead.

Sold for about $4USD, you can find the Newman's Own Organic Snack Sticks at many brick and mortar stores as well as online. A special thank you to for making this review possible.

Let's Discuss!

What's your favorite organic treat you give your dog?

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