Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3 Dog Artists You Should Check Out

Source: Karl Edwards
Portrait artists have a unique talent. They have the power to capture the expression of a person's face by painting it into canvas. Dog portrait artists are no exception. Many individuals commission portraits to remember their current pets or to commemorate one that has passed.
Portraits can be found at a variety of prices and can be created from most photos. Here are three artists worth checking out.
  • Karl Edwards
    Karl Edwards has been creating illustrations and graphics in his Portland location since 1976. He branched out into portraits and has been creating eye catching art ever since. He creates his portraits on 300 lb. Arches archival watercolor paper and has three types of available. There is pen and ink which is a 9" x 12" black and white interpretation. Then, he has a 9" x 12" pen and ink with watercolor (pictured right). Lastly, he carries pure watercolor as pictured above, creations which come in a larger size (14" x 16"). Prices can be found on Karl's website.
  • Source: Karl Edwards
  • Doodle Dog Paintings
    Doodle Dog Paintings is based in Canada. Her portraits come in square shapes starting at 16" by 16". An average of 30 hours of painting counts toward a painting of this size. Other factors contribute to the price such as being a head shot or a full length portrait. Prices can be found on Kellie's website She is a proud owner of Italian greyhounds and is a firm believer of adoption over buying from a breeder or pet shop. In addition to commissioned portraits she also sells portraits on Etsy.com.
  • Source: Doodle Dog Paintings
  • Cherilynn Fine Art
    Cherilynn Wood has been creating paintings in watercolors for over twenty years. She specializes in animal portraits as well as abstract watercolors. Based in Chicago, her work has been seen on shows like the Mob Doctor. You can find newly created portraits at her online shop. Her commissioned portraits start out at size 5"x7" for a pen & ink/watercolor and go up to a 16" x 20" for a single pet. She also offers commissions for two pets. You can find prices on Cherilynn's website.
  • Source: Cherilynn Fine Art

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