Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Comfy Cone

Photo: All Four Paws

I'll never forget the day when I came home from school. My dog Casey who would greet us when we would get off the school bus was not there that day. It turned out that he was hit by a car that day. My mom and dad immediately took him to the vet. He was injured so badly, he was lying on his side as if he was playing dead. When he heard our voices he could only lift his head and wag his tail which he would thump against the floor.

For the next two months, Casey had to wear one of those plastic e-collars. He woudl constantly be bumping into walls and doorways because the e-collar would block his peripheral vision. Still, it was worth it so that he wouldn't be able to lick his rear legs and they would be able to heal on their own. After the two month period, Casey was up and walking again and back to his old self. He went on to live for 12 years after that.

Photo: All Four Paws

A New Type Of Collar

Yesterday I learned about the Comfy Cone. When I heard about this product, I was thrilled. It's made to be softer for a dogs head but at the same time, it gives the support and flexibility you don't get with a normal plastic collar. It can be folded back so your dog can eat his food without problems.

What makes it special?
  • It's moderately priced. You can find an average size Comfy Cone for about $20USD.
  • It's built to last and is flexible by having plastic stays inserted into the fabric
  • It's earth-friendly. With the type of materials like nylon fabric which has been laminated onto .5 inch foam which is gentler around a dog's head. It also has elastic loops and various velcro settings to make it have a customized fit to the dog's neck.
  • The softer material makes less noise. You won't hear bumps in the night as loudly. It's also suitable for cats as well.
  • It's recommended by veterinarians which always is a good thing.

While we never want to see our pets have to wear a collar like this, it's a relief to know that if they ever need one, there's a more comfortable alternative out there. You can find these at pet boutiques or online at places like Amazon.

Let's Discuss!

What have your experiences been like when your pet had to wear an e-collar?

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