Monday, December 24, 2012

3 Christmas Dog Movies Worth Seeing

Christmas is a special time of year. As hectic as Christmas shopping can be, there's nothing like having a quiet night at home catching up on holiday movies. Include dogs, and you're golden. Holiday movies have a sentimentality that makes you believe and forget about the harsh realities our everyday life can bring.
As I've become older, I've really enjoyed the movies I've seen on tv as well as some of the holiday movies they have on DVD to rent or buy. The following four movies are entertaining movies that most families can watch together during the holidays.

  • A Dog Named Christmas
    This is a classic movie from the Hallmark Hall Of Fame. It's a movie where a young family fosters a dog and the two boys hope to be able to adopt the dog. The father is opposed to having a dog in the house because of past incidents. I had seen this movie a couple of years ago and it was very entertaining and heartwarming.

  • The 12 Dogs Of Christmas
    This is a story when a 12-year-old girl finds herself in a battle with the mayor and dogcatcher of a small town where dogs aren't allowed. There were over 101 dogs used in the filming of this movie. It's on my list of those to see.

  • 12 Christmas Wishes For My Dog After losing her dog to an unfair landlord, Laura (played by Elisa Donovan who was previously seen in Clueless) sees a
    life coach to get her life in order and hopefully get her dog back. This is a warm family movie that looks to be a very pleasant viewing option for the holidays.
You can find most of these at Amazon or on Ebay.

Let's Discuss!

What is your favorite family movie to watch?

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