Thursday, April 5, 2012

How Organization Helps Dog Owners

I have never been a very organized person. There are times when being organized has hit me in small bursts. But, I'm the type who loves to collect things. I do this because you never know when you'll need it. However, collecting things is only useful if you can find them easily. If you have everything in a big pile, then you're going to spend lots of time trying to track it down.

What made me take note of this was going to a conference in San Antonio with my school. We were in a website competition and competed in other contests as well. We were fortunate enough to place 1st in the website competition but fell short in the others. Part of the reason was that I didn't have the files I needed easily findable.

Each challenge we have teaches us something. Sometimes, we have to take a step back and look at what we have and what we need. It's why I was always drawn to shows like Clean Sweep. Organizing helps bring order to chaos and gets rid of the overwhelming feeling that happens when we let one too many things slide.

How It Benefits Our Dogs

Dogs are first and foremost pack animals. Like humans, they crave a routine. When my dogs know that it's time to eat or walk time, a sheer rush of excitement comes over them. Routine builds structure. With structure comes calmness. Your pets will be happy and your life will move at a more steady pace.

Taking The First Steps

When you have lots of organizing to do, the hardest part is taking the first step. Yet, it's the most important step you'll take. Even if you just do a little each day, you're one step closer than before.

I hope to start with my computer and then will bridge out to my paperwork. After that, spring cleaning can really start.

Let's Discuss!

What about you? How does organization help you as a pet owner?


  1. One valuable side benefit I can see to being a more organized pet owner is that an effective organization strategy will help keep pet-unfriendly objects, or anything else that is not supposed to be a pet toy (such as shoes) out of a pets' reach. It will also make it easier to notice when a pet gets its paws (or jaws) on something it shouldn't, and loses or hides it.

    When I lived with growing cats, I learned quickly to keep anything valuable or hazardous in places inaccessible to them, which meant doing some re-organizing.

    An important concept about being organized: It's a discipline, not a method. Everyone has to find their own approach to this, as your article implies nicely. Thanks for posting this! :-)

    1. You don't know how many things Homer happened to chew up when he was younger. :O Anyhow, organization is a continuous process, that you have to keep up. Thanks so much for writing.



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