Monday, March 26, 2012

Mr. Chewy - Website Review

Mr. Chewy Logo

Today I shopped for the first time at Mr. Chewy's website.

At first glance, I felt welcomed by the lovable cartoon characters they have decorating their website like the one you see here (pictured right). They have vivid colors that make it easy to spot what you need. Mr. Chewy sells premium quality pet food as well as store brands you can find at your local grocery store. I would say the majority of the food is of the premium variety.

Navigating Through The Site

I wound up looking for food for both my dogs and my cat. It wasn't hard to find what I needed at all. It had dog food and cat food listed as sections in the navigation bar. Since I buy both canned and dry food for my pets, I was able to search by type with their index at the left.

When searching I was also able to sort items by Relevancy, Best Selling, Low to High, High to Low and Newest. Also, having the ability to sort by brand made it simple to find a particular brand. For example, I always wanted to try Tiki Cat for my cat and was easily able to find the variety pack.

I wound up getting the dogs a small bad of Taste Of The Wild dog food and a 12 pack of Candidae canned food. I also was able to pick up some Taste of The Wild dry food for Kat. They also had a visible search bar.

Checking Out

Checking out is very straightforward on their website. They offer you the choice of registering for a new account (which I did as a new customer) or logging in as a returning visitor. I had received a promo code which I applied before I tallied up my order. Lastly, their shipping is 1 to 2 days on most orders which means I won't be waiting as long as I would with other places.

Other Thoughts

I think the Mr. Chewy is a great website to go to when you're looking to purchase your dog food online. Their site is well-structured and easy to navigate. They have plenty of support available through chat, 800 telephone number or email. I also like that they have incentive programs for bloggers and referral programs that helps to benefit charities such as Best Friends. They also have an excellent return policy.

If there was anything I'd personally like to see would be testimonials of certain products linked to the products. Right now they have the star system which I found very helpful.

Learn More About Mr. Chewy

You can learn more about Mr. Chewy by visiting their website, Facebook page and Twitter handle.

Let's Discuss!

Have you been to Mr. Chewy lately? Where do you emjoy shopping online?

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