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Pit Bull Nation

Pit Bull Nation

Pit Bulls are dogs that are constantly under the eye of scrutiny. Articles like this one show the typical attitude of the media when it comes to this breed. It’s a shame too because most times, the reader gets only half the story. I’ve been a long-time advocate of this breed because they have been so unfairly judged. When I was asked to review Pit Bull Nation by Cindy Marabito, I jumped at the chance.

Book Review

One of the biggest misconceptions is that many people think this breed of dogs are monsters. This book helps to dispel that myth. It’s a collection of stories that narrate one women’s journey from being a steadfast animal lover to a fearless animal crusader.

The book begins in 1995 when Cindy Marabito and her husband Scott move from Texas to Northern California. While they are settling in to their new life there, Cindy becomes a volunteer at the CCACC (Coastal County Animal Care and Control). Known for its strong reputation, we are taken on an eye-opening journey through the author’s time there while volunteering. At first, Cindy was afraid to even be in the breed’s presence, but after working at the shelter for awhile, she discovered aspects of this special breed never fully realized.

In order to help save more of these incredible dogs, she founded Round Up Rescue in 1998. The book shows how starting a non-profit is no easy task. Each victory is offset by a setback. If I were to use one word to describe this book, it would have to be honesty. It’s an informative and
passionate view into the world of shelters and rescue groups.

We meet such lively and memorable dogs. One of which was named Mookie wound up choosing them and always sat by their door until his negligent owners decided to give him to them. Another was named Martha who loved to play with tennis balls. Many other dogs like Junior, Girl, Pip and Arthur have unique and remarkable stories that stay with you after the book is finished.

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There are many stories that have fantastic outcomes. Yet, like life, not every one of these has a fairy tale ending. This book shows how the more important a situation is, the more power and politics come into play. We learn how rescue groups originate and the difficult battles they endure every day to save dogs who otherwise would be euthanized.

I highly recommend this book. If you are a dog lover or have been curious about the pit bull mystique, this book is a must-read. However, because the stories are real some of them may be hard to handle for the faint-hearted dog fans. Still, the message from the author is powerful. She has such a passion for saving animals it’s incredible and shines through.

You can learn more about Cindy and her rescue group through the following websites:
Pit Bull Nation Website (Every book purchase goes towards building the best shelter possible for Reunion Rescue)
Reunion Rescue Facebook Page
Amazon Link

Let’s Discuss!

What are your thoughts on this breed? How has a pit bull touched your life?

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