Thursday, September 1, 2011

Woman Saves Dog By Punching Bear On The Nose

It isn't every day that one finds their dog in the clutches of a black bear. Yet that's exactly what happened to 22-year-old Brooke Collins. This woman from Juneau, Alaska had her dogs outside in the yard, when a black bear came in and took her dachshund Fudge by her neck and was carrying her like a piece of salmon.

Without having much time to think, she remembered hearing that if you punch some animals on the nose, it can deter some animals and make them run off. Sure enough, after doing that, the bear became stunned and walked down the driveway.

The dog wasn't seriously injured aside from having some scratches and bite marks. She will be watching the wounds closely to ensure that there's no infection that arises from the incident.

While she wouldn't do something like that again, she felt that she had to act quickly to save her dog. Her other dog, a Pomeranian was unharmed.

Not A Rare Occurrence

It seems that bears are becoming more commonplace and less fearful of humans up in Alaska. To date, there have been at least five bears wandering the neighborhoods scavenging through trash cans for food. It is a growing problem that dog owners have to face.

Collins said the whole experience of a physical encounter shook her up, calling the whole thing an eye-opener. She said she’ll be taking a lot more caution from now on and definitely won’t be approaching neighborhood bears.

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Woman Punches Bear To Save Her Dog - Juneau Empire

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