Friday, April 15, 2011

Why Men And Dogs Appeal To Women

There's nothing like when you are walking in the park and come across a man hanging out with his dog. As a single woman who loves dogs, the sight of this is very sexy. Even if a guy is typically a jerk, seeing him with a dog seems to erase that fact. While you can't make a guy become less of a jerk, seeing him with a dog seems to bring out his human side.

Here are reasons why guys who own dogs appeal to women so much:

  • It's an icebreaker! If you see an attractive guy walking by himself, it's harder to strike up a conversation, but when you see him with a dog, you can approach them more easily. In general, most dogs are people-friendly and owners who bring their dogs to a public place are likely to be more outgoing. On rare occasions you may run into a guy who is more aloof or his dog is protective, but all in all, it's a great way to meet someone without being under a lot of pressure.
  • The owner is more relaxed when he's with his dog. When a man is with his dog, his attention is focused on the dog, more often than the surrounding atmosphere. They are instantly smiling and laughing when around their dogs. That instantly erases any tension.

    Look at our nation's president. Never was there as much excitement as there was when he added Bo to his household. Granted, he isn't single but one can see the difference in a photo when you see him with Bo.
  • It shows they're responsible. Owning a dog is a huge commitment. To be a good pet owner, you need to put their needs first because they are dependent on you. Many men can be very selfish but when you see a guy with a dog, that quality seems to vanish.
  • They are more organized. Every dog has a daily routine. Dogs are simple, they don't ask for much except to be feed, exercised and loved. Every successful dog/owner relationship is used to a routine. A dog is an ongoing commitment and needs structure. Most men have this down to a science.
  • It shows they have compassion. Any man who takes care of a dog (or cat) has empathy. It may not translate perfectly to their understanding of women but that ability for empathy helps when life can get difficult.

Pitfalls To Watch

There are some men who will take advantage of this fact. They know that dogs are a "chick magnet" but only want the rewards but never do any of the work. They will borrow a friend's dog and pretend that the dog is theirs.

However, every tried and true method for success will have people who will exploit the situation. It's a small sacrifice to make if you meet someone who is just as much of a dog lover as you are.

Let's Discuss!

Have you ever met someone special because he owned a dog? Did he approach you because of your dog?


  1. As a pet-less bachelor this is interesting to read, tho not surprising. Ironically, I really enjoy other peoples' pets, but what prevents me from having pets of my own is that my work is totally irregular and sometimes unpredictable - which is not conducive to having pets (or any social life, for that matter). If I had a straight job I would have pets - and probably a happy wife (or sig other) as well!

    I never thought about the dog-as-prop thing for single men. And I would never do that. Seems to me the real loser in that game would be the dog, who isn't _really_ loved or wanted, and is there just as a pawn.

  2. If you're lifestyle isn't conducive to it, then it's understandable. Still, this is only one way that singles can meet. There are other non-dog situations that also present options as well.

    This is an extremely small percentage of men who will do it. I think if they go to the extreme of adopting a dog just to meet a girl then they are definitely owning a pet for the wrong reason and still have some growing up to do.

    Thanks for your comments. Have a nice weekend.

  3. No prob. You know, this could go both ways: Single women with dogs could appeal to men who like dogs. There is a woman in my neighborhood who always goes past my house walking her dog. Eventually I started a brief conversation with her - by asking about her dog (which I was genuinely curious about since he is an odd-looking breed - an Australian Cattle Dog I think is what she told me).

  4. I have to be honest --- if I'm asking about your, it's because I want to know about your dog. You just happen to be the one who can answer the questions ;)



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