Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Mighty Blizzard Of 2011

Chicago isn't the first city this year to have a serious blizzard. (New York had it pretty bad last month). It is a city that does have its fair share of snow each year. So far, we've had over 19.5 inches (49.5 cm) of snow in 36 hours, and there is more to come. This blizzard ranks as 3rd largest in 126 years.

The storm was so strong, we actually had "thundersnow". What is it? I never knew it existed until I heard the weathergirl on tv saying how the snow was accompanied with lightning. This actually made the snow fall heavier. For me, it's not the snow but the wind that's blowing it all over the place. I don't expect to be out driving until tomorrow. Many motorists have been stranded and needed to wait until they were rescued by first responders or law enforcement. Others lost their power and are now waiting for Com Ed to get it back up and running.

As for the dogs, I was able to take them out in the front for a little bit. Cookie delighted in all the snow and took a major snow bath. Gigi was just happy to be walking and Homer was perplexed by it all. Later though, Homer got his adventurous streak going and ventured out into the back yard.

Thankfully, the snow is supposed to stop by this afternoon. Here are some pictures that I took with my cell phone. For all of you who live in the Chicago area or have had equally daunting snowstorms, be safe and warm. For those of you who don't have to worry about snow, you're very lucky, and I hope you stay safe too.

From My Front Door
Homer Debating His Next Move

Homer The Gopher


  1. Niiice. Looks about the same where I'm at, in Homewood.

    Growing up in Iowa, I recall our cats not particularly liking the snow at first encounter. I remember one - an orange tabby - taking her first hesitant steps in it (maybe 1" or so) and shaking her paws off right away!

  2. Thanks Pat. Who knew that the blizzard would steal the headlines from Groundhog day. Also, Phil says we're supposed to have an early spring. ;)



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