Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dog Mourns Loss of Beaver Friend

Losing a valuable friend is not easy to go through in life. It has been said that dogs experience loss just as much as humans. First spotted on Huffington Post, this video illustrates beautifully the loss that Bella experience when she lost her good buddy, Beavis the beaver. Hope you all enjoy this and please share your thoughts below.


  1. Wow. Heart-wrenching to watch but a very touching story nonetheless!

    I became curious about the story behind Bella and Beavis's relationship, so I googled "bella and beavis", and found this comment, posted by Bella's owner at

    "Bella was doing fine by the next day. She cried for about 6 hours and wouldn't let the other dogs near Beavis until much later. Beavis was buried later in the day.
    Bella had puppies about 2 months later. The father is the black German Shepherd in the video.

    Bella has been missing for ten days. If anyone in Bloomingdale, Georgia, U.S.A. knows of her whereabouts, please contact me,as Bella is greatly missed by all of her family here.

    Beavis came and went as he pleased. He (or she) was not "trained" or "kept" as a pet. It was merely a relationship between Bella and Beavis that no one here interfered with. Many mornings would find Beavis in the yard lounging with Bella curled up next to him sleeping. Bella would grab a tennis ball in her mouth and coax Beavis to give chase- which he surprisingly did often (albeit in short bursts).
    We did not feed Beavis on a regular basis because no one ever knew when he/she would show up. If he seemed interested in food, he would waddle up and share Bella's. Bella would not share her food with any other dog- ever. It was a strange but delightful relationship that we were all blessed to be a part of."



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